6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures for the Solo Service Professional

How to Create Your Lifestyle Business Based on Your Passion for Serving Others

Alicia Forest, MBA, shares over a decade of experience to help online business owners create 6-figure mini-empires.

This book explains how Alicia’s clients do it, and how you can too. Are you a solo service professional who wants a complete and proven system for attracting an abundance of clients and customers to your business in a way that allows you to help more people and make more money? 


Then this book is for you! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional looking for innovative ways to leverage your time and your talent to enjoy more freedom in your life and your business, you’ll find the exact steps to take in this refreshingly down-to-earth and doable business book.


Inside you’ll discover exactly what your target market wants to buy from you, more than fifty ways to build your e-mail list of potential clients and customers, the business model that brings you rivers of passive income with a lot less effort, a readers-only invitation to connect with Alicia, and much more.

6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures for the Solo Service Professional is a step-by-step guide to building a successful service business based on real-world, real-people proven methods that have led thousands of solo professionals down the path to living the life they desire and deserve. It will do the same for you.




It’s not about the Million. It’s about what Matters.

Coming soon, It’s not about the Million. It’s about what Matters., gathers together the strategic business decisions made and the bucking-the-trends lessons learned during my journey of building a truly priority-based business. Starting with my deep desire to raise my children, to my non-negotiable summers off and at the lake, to a perfect storm health crisis, to standing up for crucial self-care, with accompanying personal stories and maybe-too-candid revelations in this part-journal, part advice-column of tips, cautions, guide-posts, and my own personal set of resources to light your way.