Partner with Alicia

Hi there! And thanks so much for your interest in partnering with me!

Because we receive so many requests for speaking for online events, virtual summits and other joint venture invitations every month, we set up this page to make it super-simple to see if we’re a good fit. 🙂

If you’re interested in partnering with me, please read the important information below. If you feel your invitation fits well within the criteria in my description, I would love to hear from you!

~ Alicia


Are we a good fit?

1. Mutual Benefit

Your invitation should be mutually beneficial to both of us. I want to partner with you if doing this particular project will help both of our businesses grow. Please note that I have spent almost 20 years building a highly responsive and engaged community of my own, so your invitation must benefit me to that level. Please see #2 for more…

2. Highly Targeted

My target audience includes coaches, healers, speakers, online entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, authors and other service-based entrepreneurs. As the host of your event, you must have an email list and/or subscribed audience of 5000+ that targets these groups of people. This is your list alone, not the combined estimated list numbers of your speakers. If you meet this criteria, I would love to connect with you to discuss your invitation. Please note that I consider social media numbers to complement and not replace an in-house email list or subscribers.

3. High-Quality Sales & Promotional Material

You will provide all sales and promotional material and it must be well-written. I am happy to (and often do) personalize any sales or promotional copy from what you provide, but this should only take me one run-through to do so.

4. Large Audience (in-person)

I actually love speaking and doing interviews! However, in order to walk my talk about running a priority-based, highly profitable business in less than part-time hours, I have to be selective. I look for a live audience of at least 100 people. I may consider being interviewed for a smaller audience if the topic is unique and will allow me to create something new from it.

5. Be Personal

Show me you know something about me and what I do – and how it fits nicely into your invitation.

6. Leverage

My business model is built entirely around my life FIRST. Any invitations that will require extensive travel or don’t have the financial leverage I am looking for will not be appropriate for me to accept.

7. Plan Ahead

My calendar fills up very quickly (and I’m not available from June-September) so if you’d like me to participate in your invitation, please give me at least a couple of months notice. Also, please note that pre-recorded interviews are preferable, though I’m happy to talk live when possible. All interviews and the like need to be completed between 10am and 2pm Eastern.

8. Promotion Requirements

I’m happy to send out a number of social media posts. If you require a solo mailing, I will do my best to plan that into our promo calendar.

9. Commission

I require a minimum 50% commission on any and all sales via my affiliate link to your invitation. I do not provide affiliate links for offering my free gift but do provide a 30% commission on any paid offers offered by me through your invitation for a period of 90 days.

10. Number of Speakers

If you are hosting more than 12-ish speakers, please know that I may not be able to participate, unless your theme/topic is highly targeted to my audience. I’m much more concerned with quality than quantity for my participation to be worthwhile. 

Now that you’ve read my criteria for accepting an invitation to partner with you, please do email us if you feel we’d be a great fit.

Thanks! I look forward to potentially partnering with you!