5 Steps to Getting Started as an OBB Partner


Step 1: Register as an OBB Partner Check Out the Referral Partner Center

Take a moment to set up your account with our Infusionsoft/Keap Referral Partner Center here: https://aliciaforest.com/welcome-to-the-obb-partner-program/

And make sure to bookmark this link because it’s where you’ll find:

  • Your Affiliate Links
  • Affiliate Tracking Stats

Step 2: Submit Your affiliate payment info

We make all our payments by PayPal so we need your PayPal email address.

If you didn’t add it when you signed up as a partner, you can email it to support@aliciaforest.com


Step 3: Warm-Up Your List

If you haven’t been regularly sending emails, we highly recommend warming up your list before you start sending OBB promotion emails to them. We’ve put together a list-warming checklist to help you:

Click Here to download it

Step 4: Plan Your Promotion

Visit the Swipe Files and other resources here to put your promo plan together.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How does this work?

As an Affiliate Partner, you email your list with the affiliate links we provide for you to use. You’ll find them in the “Your Affiliate Links” section on the Dashboard.

Our software will ‘cookie’ your prospects and track them. For any sale of OBB that comes from your prospects, you’ll receive a portion of the sales (your commission). For every sale you make, you will receive a 30% commission. That’s $59.10 for the current price of $197.

Where do I find my affiliate link?

You will find them in the Link Generator section in the Referral Partner Center (Infusionsoft/Keap)

Where can I find swipe copy?

Swipe copy can be found here.

Where can I find graphics / pictures?

Graphics are kept in the Google Drive. You can access them here. 


When do I get my commissions?

We pay commission 30 days after the date of purchase. This gives time for all refunds to be accounted for and processed before commissions are run. We pay through the Paypal you provided when you signed up as an affiliate.

How do I disclose that I’m an affiliate?

Add one of these statements to your emails, or something similar:

“This is an affiliate link. I only promote resources that I myself have used and LOVED.”

“I’m privileged to be one of Alicia’s affiliate partners. That means that if you end up joining the program I might receive a commission at no extra cost for you.”

“P.S. I am sending you this email because Alicia’s stuff is exceptional. If you decide at any time to purchase from Alicia, I may be compensated as an affiliate.”

“In the spirit of full disclosure, if you enroll in OBB via my link, I’ll receive a commission. Because your success is important to me, I only recommend programs that I’ve personally used to create real results in my own business, and OBB is definitely at the top on my list!”  

Can I promote on social media?

Yes, you can absolutely promote OBB on your social media. However, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Please use a link shortener service like bit.ly.
  • Don’t post your full affiliate link on social media – people are much more likely to click on pretty links rather than an unfamiliar domain.
  • If it’s your community, like a FB group, you can send people directly to our sales page.

What if I don’t have much of an email list?

No problem! Small lists are just fine! Usually the smaller the list, the more responsive they are. You can also send your link to people individually and really engage with your audience at a higher level, strengthening your relationship with them in the process.

What CAN’T I post?

You can’t post…

  • Lies or misleading information about Alicia Forest or OBB
  • Anything that makes it seem like you are Alicia Forest or OBB
  • Unapproved graphics, logos, or pictures of Alicia Forest or OBB
  • Promises of guaranteed results or income
  • Any claim of discounts, cashback, or rebates to entice people to buy OBB
  • A review of OBB without disclosing you are an affiliate

Any questions can be sent directly to support@aliciaforest.com