Misc Info…

1. I’m an Aries, an amateur oracle card reader, and believe I was once a Druid. I’m also a Turtle (if you don’t get that, then you’re not a Turtle ;-)).

2. I’ve had a Guinness with Bob Kraft, swapped parenting stories with Tim Wakefield while sitting next to him on a plane, and hung out with Julie Aigner-Clark at the airport – all by chance, of course. 😉

3. My dad was a longshoreman. So was my grandfather. And so was my great-grandfather, straight off the boat from Ireland. Those are some stories, I tell you.

4. When my dad was a kid, he used to be a runner for… let’s just say, some disreputable types. When I was in my 20s, every once in awhile, a plain white envelope of cash would show up. Hmmm. I told you there were some stories…

5. I earned my SCUBA certification in 2003, mostly so my husband and I could dive at Molokini Crater in Maui while on our honeymoon – it was totally worth it. Except for being circled by sharks. Otherwise, totally worth it.

6. I have a freckle on the backside of my left eye. Go figure.

7. My dad used to lead the boy’s choir at his catholic school. I can sing too. But his granddaughter is the one with The Voice – and my dad takes all the credit.

8. My first entrepreneurial gig that was actually profitable was selling handmade ribbon barrettes to the other girls in my 6th grade class.

9. I got walloped with a virus in 2015. It’s been a blessing in disguise, though it’s taken me this long to consider it that.

10. When I was 22, I worked for The Firm. I quit after a year to go back to school, and I was told, “You’ll never work in this town again.” I was the receptionist. I wasn’t too afraid I wouldn’t be able to answer someone else’s phones someday. Oy.

11. I secretly (well, not really) want to be a novelist.