One of the biggest challenges I see with newer entrepreneurs is the resistance to choosing a specific group of people to work with and/or a specific area of expertise to build their business on.

Many entrepreneurs have a specialty (WHAT) but no target audience (WHO).

Others have a target audience, but don’t offer a core expertise. Instead, they try to be all things to that audience and find themselves and their clients lost in a sea of choices.

If you have just the WHAT but not the WHO, or vice versa, you’ll likely still enjoy some level of success. However, it’s going to be much more difficult and take much niche sweet spotlonger to see results than if you define both.

This graphic visually shows the sweet spot of any niche –>

The horizontal is the WHO? Who are you serving? What portion of the marketplace are you offering your gifts too?

The vertical is the WHAT? What’s your area of specialty that you’re offering to the WHO? What is your expertise?

The sweet spot is here these two W’s intersect.

So how do you find your niche’s sweet spot?

Here are 3 steps to help you do this:

Step 1: Define Your WHO

Who are you most meant to serve? Which portion of the marketplace calls to you? Which group of people resonates the most for you? Who are your most favorite clients and customers?

Step 2: Define Your WHAT

What area of expertise are you going to focus on with your WHO? Even if you can do everything, it doesn’t mean you should. What’s the one thing you do for your clients that you absolutely love?

Step 3. CHOOSE and MOVE

Once you know your WHO and WHAT, you can move forward from there, finding where they gather and exactly what they are struggling with, then offering ways to help them.

If your WHO and WHAT still seems fuzzy, get help. Get coaching or some kind of support to help you suss it out.

But at some point, you simply have to choose a group of people and an area of expertise to offer them and move with it. Over time, the specifics of your WHO and your WHAT will become more defined, and you can hone your market and your message then, but if you wait for it to be perfect, your business will stagnate. And the only way to get unstuck is to choose and move.

Share with me your WHO and your WHAT below.