Pick a Topic, Pick a Date

Have you been thinking about offering a teleseminar, webinar, or live workshop, because you know that it will increase your list numbers, showcase you as an expert, bring you new clients and customers, and be just plain fun, but you haven't actually moved forward with the idea?

Maybe you have too many topics to choose from and you don't know which one to do first. Maybe you have a general idea of what you want to do, but you haven't actually spent time giving some structure to it. And maybe you're a little afraid of putting yourself out there in such a public way.

So even though you know what a boost holding an event like this would give to your business, still you hesitate actually implementing it.

That's exactly how I felt about leading a teleseminar about Google Adwords. Here was a topic that I only knew a little about, and which can be pretty complex. But I also knew how powerful Adwords could be for my own business growth, and I decided that I really wanted to learn it inside and out – someday.

Then I was presented with the opportunity to teach a class for someone else's membership list. I could choose my topic, so I took the leap and offered to teach a class about Adwords. I knew that "someday" would eventually come, but here was a chance to do what I said I wanted to NOW. So I committed to teaching the class, which meant that I was committed to learning what I needed to by the date of the class!

If I had waited until I had time to learn Adwords, or until I decided that I was ready to teach what I knew, I'd still be thinking about it as an idea of something I wanted to do – someday. But because I picked a topic and then picked a date, it actually happened.

And because it did, I ended up gaining two new clients and developing a series of classes on this topic. And as a bonus, my conversion rates for my own campaign are at 27% (which is really good!) because of what I learned in order to teach.

What ideas are populating your mind but not your product funnel at the moment? Pick one, take out your calendar, pick a deadline for having it completed, and then make a public commitment to having it ready by then to your coach and your colleagues.

Then write and post your sales page, and start registering people for your event. Once you do that, I guarantee you'll have it done and ready by your deadline!

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  1. Pick A Deadline

    Do you want to get out there and market yourself in more public ways, like leading teleclasses or accepting speaking invitations?
    Do you have a bunch of topics youd someday like to develop, but arent sure which one to pick first?
    If so, A…

  2. Excellent idea! I’m reminded of Judy Carter’s “The Comedy Bible” in which she recommends the first thing to do in standup comedy is book the gig. It forces you to prepare and get good.
    ps-just found your blog…it’s great!

  3. Please suggest some stable hosting for forum like this.

  4. Thanks for giving me the push to get going. I’ve been connecting with people face-to-face, and booking my next seminar, yet not booking teleseminars regularly. Your article reminded me to ‘just book it’ so I will commit to doing just that! There are many people nearing retirement who don’t know what to do, and teleseminars are a great way to connect with many where location isn’t an issue. I’d held them regularly years ago, so thanks for the reminder!
    Tracey Fieber
    Retirement Transition Expert

  5. Totally agree. I did this to myself the other week and in just 5 days wrote a book on using market research to better understand your client’s needs. You have to treat assignments like this as if an employer or client had asked you to deliver it by a specific date.


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