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We're doing it again, but for the LAST TIME!
Coming September 22-24, 2014 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hey there fellow entrepreneur and chaser of a dream!

We're thisclose to completing the full OBBW5 registration page with ALL the details, but if you're anxious to reserve your spot and want to get the absolute lowest ticket price available to the public, then this is your chance.

I also need to let you know that this is the LAST OBBW I will be holding. More on why later, but I know that there many of you who've been wanting to attend so please know this is your last chance to do so.

Along with the foundational pieces that's made OBBW a must-attend event, I've chosen these 3 major focal points for OBBW5:

1. What 'Priority-Based' truly means and how to design (or re-design) your business so it reflects what's most important to you, both tangible (the stuff, the schedule, the structure) and intangible (your values, feelings, desires, dreams).

2. Being strategic in your business - whether you're new or seasoned - to create flow and ease (not stress and strife). This is how your create a highly profitable business.

3. Making more money by leveraging your time and talent so you work less (how's less than 20 hours a week sound?). Yes, this is how you double your income in less than part-time hours.

And here are the 3 main reasons not to wait...

1. Because OBBW is 100% content - a true workshop - meaning we will do the work together during our 3 days and you WILL leave with your personalized map in hand to build your own successful and sustainable business, whether to you that means an extra few thousands dollars a month or it means 6 figures and beyond.

2. I'm offering an unprecedented super-early-bird ticket of $197- if you register right now (plus those who register now get ALL the bonuses, so no worries about missing out on anything...).

3. I'm purposefully keeping this workshop small (max of 70), so I can provide a lot of individualized attention to you and your business. We have more Bonus ticket holders than we have seats available, so I urge you to register today before we move into major launch mode... ;-)

Ready? Great!

Your investment is just $197 - this is the LOWEST and BEST rate I'll be offering for OBBW5 and it ends as soon as the full registration page goes live (which will be very soon!).

I'm proud to share that OBBW is becoming known as a stand-out event, for many reasons, not least of which is the quality and quantity of the content I provide during our three days together.

I'd love to meet you in person and guide you personally on your business-building path this September...


Alicia Forest, MBA
The Business Shifterâ„¢

PS: Tired of the hype, the empty promises, the lack of understanding of where YOU are on your business path and what's most important to YOU? You'll get none of that at OBBW. What you will get is solid content (no holds barred), over-delivery, and an eye-to-eye keen understanding of where YOU are on your path and what will best move you forward. Do join us here.


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