Thoughts from the Dock: What Freedom Means To Me

We’re celebrating Independence Day here in the US – and Chloe and I began the day sitting on the bow of our sailboat, watching to wave to her grandparents and family friends as they went by in their boat on the way to an early breakfast in town.

As Chloe and I waited, she mentioned that she wished when we left our cottage for the summer that we could go back to our house in NY because she missed it. I told her it was ok to miss it, that I miss it too, but that I knew she’d be happy in her new home too.

And then I shared with her that her former school in NY was currently without a home as they had lost the lease on the property they’d had for 10 years (through no fault of their own). I was telling her that we were looking into whether or not we could rent our home to her school while they looked for another property or built their own. Knowing that her home might be filled with her favorite teacher and her friends made her feel a lot better about leaving it, and yet I know she’s still a little sad.

And so am I. It was a good home to us for almost 9 years. It’s where James and I became husband and wife, where we brought Chloe & Jack home to after they were born. I have so many memories to treasure from that home, from our chapter there, and yet…

I know the decision to move is the right one. And every day I get another sign that it is.

This whole process has been about having a desire (move home), making a decision (we’re moving in June 2010), and then doing something to make it come about, while leaving the details and the exact ‘how’ up to the Universe. It’s been another leap of faith for me – maybe even more so for James.

But the indisputable fact is that if I didn’t have the successful business I do, with the flexibility and freedom (have laptop, can travel, or in this case, move) and financial stability and peace of mind that consistent cash flow brings, I wouldn’t be writing this from the dock and we wouldn’t have been able to make this move.

And that’s what I was sharing with her, the freedom that being an entrepreneur can bring… and on this day of independence, I am grateful that I live in a country that allows me this kind of opportunity, that I have a husband who supports me every step of the way, and that I can model for both my kids this kind of lifestyle as an option.

Freedom for me means doing what you most want to do when you most want to do it with the people who you most want to do it with…

What does it mean for you? I’d love to know your thoughts – please share them below…


  1. You truly are amazing to have shared all that with her and with us.

    You are an amazing woman – truly brilliant! And, I’m proud to call you my friend!

  2. Alicia, I think the fact that you are sharing your business benefits with your daughter are as powerful as the story itself. My daughter, now almost 20, has always thought that what mom did was ‘cool’ – except for ALL the travel that kept me away from some of her earlier events [when the 2nd grade teacher sends a note home on Tuesday that there’s a 20 min play on Thursday, and I’m 1/2 way across the country… well, I missed those plays.]

    When she was in elementary school, and she had to list what she wanted to be when she grew up, Karen said “a traveling consultant” [and was very mad when they shortened it to ‘consultant’ in the yearbook]. She thinks that getting to travel for work is great, and in fact is coming to South Africa with me next month before she returns to college – where we will fit in a 2 day safari before I give a keynote speech at a conference there.

    Continue to share the goods (and some of the bads, so they understand it’s not all roses, but not so much that they worry) with your children, to help them realize the benefits that they have, and that you have, from being a successful entrepreneur!

    Mary McDonald

  3. Alicia- thank you for sharing all parts of your life with your readers – great article! You certainly embody the freedom of working for yourself and you are fortunate to have the support of your husband, as well.
    Since I am just starting down the entrepreneurial path, freedom to me means the ability to choose how I will structure my days,the ability to work out of my home, and to create products and programs that suit my particular clients’ needs. I am fortunate because I love the field I am in (psychology and coaching) and have the opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives. Freedom, then, is the ability to express your talents and passion, your thoughts, beliefs, attitude and actions in a way that enhances others’ well-being as well as my own.


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