Is your desire bigger than your _______?

It’s a very windy and wavy day at the lake today – I’m about to get blown off the beach here!

But I’ll take it over the oppressive humidity of yesterday. YUK.

Which reminded me of a moment that happened between James and I during the summer almost 10 years ago…

He was up for a job in Georgia… and he’d often tease me that he couldn’t move me below the Mason-Dixon line because I’m not a fan of the heat or humidity.

But we were seriously considering that move – we’d already enrolled Chloe in a Montessori school in Athens, GA, in fact.

But there was one conversation we had that made the final decision for us. We were here at the lake, and out to a rare dinner alone while my parents watched babysat.

He said, “I can take this job OR I can believe in you and your business.”

My business was a fledgling at the time, and even though my desire was bigger than my doubt, I still had my moments of uncertainty.

It was his utter belief in me that cemented it for us – and as you may know, we didn’t move to Georgia. And my business became quite successful over the next couple of years.

My point?

You have to truly believe in your ability to make your desire your reality AND it helps immensely to have someone who believes in you too – especially when you’re just starting out or when it’s hard or scary.

If you don’t have that utter belief, if your desire is not bigger than your doubt, then there’s some work to be done – and I invite you to consider joining me at Simplify & Amplify so I can help you with that.

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Are you paying attention?

It’s easy when it’s flowing, right?

When your cash flow is stable and predictable, when your expenses are covered and there’s money to spare, when you’re planning vacations or home remodels or other ‘up-lifts’ to your life.

That’s when it’s easy to pay attention to your money.

It’s when you’re struggling month-to-month, when your program isn’t filling, when your offer falls flat, when you start scrambling to make the next offer because, well, you need the money – that’s when it seems easier to not actually look at your bank balance.

But here’s what I know (and you probably do too):

If you don’t pay attention to your money, it will demand your attention – and usually not in a good way!

I’ve made huge strides with my money mindset over the last 15 years – from huge credit card debt, defaulting on student loans, owing back taxes, and a credit score so low, FICO wouldn’t even give me a number, to personally debt-free, student loans paid off, taxes in good standing, a very good credit score that allowed me to co-sign on our mortage and buy my Jeep (two things I could not do the last time we bought a house and I needed to buy a new car).

None of that happened overnight, of course, but the more I paid attention to my money and the more I cleaned up my money mess, the more it flowed – and the easier it came too.

I’ll be talking about money throughout our retreat this fall. We’re going to work on not just identifying the big boulder(s) that are impeding the flow of money to you, but I’m also going to share with you what I do that increases the flow every single time it starts to slow down.

And it’s not just one thing, and it’s not just intellectual concepts – these are real things I do that I’ll be teaching you as well. They’re simple but powerful ways to increase the actual flow of real money into your business and life.

Oh, and if you register early enough, we’ll be playing with some of these in our private Facebook group before the event too. 😉

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~ A

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A blinding flash of the obvious

I have a friend who wants to be a musician, but he doesn’t believe it’s possible. He believes that he’s too old, too ingrained with his current work, too many responsibilities, too short on time, etc.

I listened as he lamented that his dream was dead and refrained from responding for a bit. I knew he wasn’t open to hearing me in that moment.

But a little while later, as the energy cleared around him, I suggested that he had to have faith first. Then he had to do something – anything – towards his dream.

I reminded him of this joke:

A Jewish man goes into the synagogue and prays. “O Lord, you know the mess I’m in, please let me win the lottery.”

The next week, he’s back again, and this time he’s complaining. “O Lord, didn’t you hear my prayer last week? I’ll lose everything I hold dear unless I win the lottery.”

The third week, he comes back to the synagogue, and this time he’s desperate. “O Lord, this is the third time I’ve prayed to you to let me win the lottery! I ask and I plead and still you don’t help me!”

Suddenly a booming voice sounds from heaven. “Benny, Benny, be reasonable. Meet me half way. Buy a lottery ticket!”

There are many versions of this joke, but I like this one because of God telling the man to ‘Meet me half way”.

That’s what we have to do, right? Just take one step forward and the Universe will take one step towards us. Take the first step and the next step will be shown to us. Do one thing in the direction of our dream and the allow God/Universe/Source/Higher Self/Whatever to guide us on the right path.

My friend doesn’t know HOW to make his dream become his reality. I don’t know his HOW either, but I do know that it won’t be shown to him if he doesn’t ‘buy a lottery ticket’.

I told him, “If you want to be a musician, then play music.”

(To be fair, I likewise told myself, “If you want to be an author, then write.” 😉 )

What’s yours? What do you REALLY want to do/be/have?

What’s one thing you can do – just one thing, one step – to move you in that direction?

What’s your lottery ticket?

Making decisions…

Greetings from the Lake! The sun is just rising here… there’s so much beauty and peace at this time of day… 

Even so, I’m only compelled to get up with the birds when we’re at the lake. 😉

But I do treasure these early mornings at the water, with my journal, sometimes a book, oftentimes just my thoughts – and my coffee. 😉

It usually takes me a couple of weeks to fully decompress and relax into the summer’s ease… but I’m already starting to feel things loosening.

People often tell us how lucky we are to spend the whole summer at the lake – but I always tell them, it’s not luck. It was a decision to do so a long time ago and then taking action to make it happen.

The first summer we were here for 2 weeks, and last summer we were here for 13. We just kept adding weeks every year until we were staying from Father’s Day to Labor Day.

But it all started with a decision. I knew what I wanted and I decided to make it happen. And this is our 12th summer doing so.

What decision could you make in your life or your business that would bring you more peace, joy, ease, freedom, happiness, laughter, wisdom, abundance?

I’d love to know – please share with me in the comments.

Until next time…


Give more to be more…?

Ever have a project due or a deadline looming
that really stresses you out?

Well, that was Chloe’s shark project for her science class.

This girl had a vision, and she made it come alive, but wow – what it took to get there was some serious time reconfiguration, lots of that time spent in the Fabrication Lab at school during lunch, recess, and after school when she wasn’t at musical rehearsal, and lots of support, though she did all the work herself.

This photo is her completed project, and I have to say, from it coming home in many separate pieces to 4 hours later to completion – I’m impressed.

I’m even more impressed that she had a really great attitude about it all – even when she had to go back to store at 7:30pm to get less strong magnets! (Thank you, James, for taking that trip with her.)

But something she said while she was hot glue gunning struck me (I admit, with a tad bit of unease)…

I commented that she didn’t need to do something, that it was fine the way it was, and she just smiled at me because she was going to do it her own way anyway (she is so my daughter) and said, “But Mom, I’m a perfectionist.”


From a recovering (almost) perfectionist, I cringed a little. But I also recognized that part of the reason this project was stressing her out wasn’t just the limited time she had to work on it, but because it’s really important to her to do well.

In this case, she saw clearly what she wanted and she went for it – focused, determined, and yes, it took more because she wanted it to be more.

And that’s not a bad thing at all.

And it made me think, where in my business could I give more so it could be more?


I’d love to know your thoughts…

~ A