Hitting the Refresh Button in Your Business

If your business feels stagnant or you’re just not as enthused about it as you want to be, some of the things to look at are if your current look and feel, messaging, and model are aligned with who you are and the work you most want to do.

Often times, a simple ‘refresh’ of what we’re doing, that’s more closely aligned with who we are today and the work that makes us light up inside, can move the energy and rekindle your enthusiasm.

Here are 3 simple ways you can hit the refresh button in your business today:

1. Look and Feel

When you look at your website, what does it feel like to you? Does it make you smile? Does it give off the energy you want it to? Does it work the way you want it to? Do you love it?

When you look at your marketing materials, ask yourself the same questions. If you’re not feeling it with your stuff, chances are that your target market isn’t either.

As you grow personally and as your business grows, your look and feel should change to reflect more accurately your current state of being.

Where in your business can you refresh the look and feel to more accurately reflect where you are in your business today?

2. Message

Think about the main message you deliver to your market. Is that message still accurate? Has it changed over the last year? Does it feel like it needs to change to more accurately reflect who you serve and how you serve them?

As you become more clear about what it is that you do and to whom you do it for and with, you’ll want to adjust your message accordingly.

For example, my message for many years was about mentoring women entrepreneurs to break through to 6 figures and beyond so they can live the life they ache for. And while that is still true, it became clearer to me what really matters
is not the 6 figures necessarily, but what really matters to them personally – and that’s will be reflected in my current messaging, which touches on it NOT being about the money.

3. Model

Take a mini-audit of your offerings. What parts of the work that you do do you love to delivery and in what way? What parts could you let go of and feel really great about?

For example, after two years of year-long coaching programs, I reduced them to 8-month programs. When I restarted a monthly membership,
I changed from live teleclasses to pre-recorded ones. I now offer virtual retreats in addition to in-person retreats. All of these changes better suit my chosen lifestyle and resonate with my best clients as well.

What changes can you make in your business model to better serve you?

Designing a business that you love around your life is one of the pillars on which I stand and teach. Learn how to do this for YOUR business (and life) at my annual live event here.

Turning On Your Money Taps

One of the things I worked on for several years is cleaning up my money issues. That included everything from thinking I have to work really hard to make a lot of money, to taking care of old debt, to having a plan for paying down new debt, to plugging even the slightest money leak.

The truth for me was that I tended to not pay attention to my money as much as I should, so inevitably something happened where money MADE me pay attention. It wasn’t usually a positive experience. 😉

As I made some big strides in this area, I discovered that once I started really paying attention to my money, it started showing up a lot more in a lot more positive ways.

Here are 4 tips that helped me immensely to turn on the flow of money into my business and my life that I know can help you too.

TIP 1. Keep a daily tracking sheet of what comes in…

I track every penny that comes in on one simple sheet each day. When I first started doing this, I had days where I didn’t have any money coming in, but within just one month, it started to become rare if there was even one day that didn’t have some sum attached to it. My clients who use this method of tracking absolutely love it because they can see the results of this simple yet powerful attractor of more money flow into their business so quickly.

TIP 2. Have a purpose for each income stream

I’ve always done this without really thinking about it, but once I started getting crystal clear about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ for each and every one of my income streams, they turned from trickles to rivers.

TIP 3. Take care of any outstanding money issues

Periodically, I sit down with all the info in hand to cancel memberships I’m not utilizing, get refunds I’m owed, and ask my assistant to send reminders for any overdue invoices. When I do this, inevitably I’ll receive a check or payment to me totaling as much as or more than the amount I just took care of. See, money likes being paid attention to.

TIP 4. Find and plug those money leaks

In every business, there are places where money is leaking out. It could be the webmaster who charges by the hour and takes too long to complete a task. It could be a monthly subscription that you either don’t utilize at all or that you aren’t clear on its return on investment to be sure it’s actually a good one to make. It could be paying monthly for a service you use all year in your business, and that you could save 10% on if you chose the annual payment plan instead.

When you start to pay attention to your money, it will immediately open up the flow of it into your business and your life.

Which one of these tips are you going to start doing today? Share with me below…

At Simplify & Amplify, we work on YOUR money stuff and these 4 tips are the tiniest sample of the kinds of shifts you can start making today to start making and keeping more money in your business.

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How to Take the Summers Off

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I take the summers off, so I thought I’d answer that a bit for you in this post.

The purpose of this content is about much more than just taking the summer off – or any extended holiday – it’s to help you get really clear on your plan for the next 6-12 months and beyond, what it’s going to be all about for you, both from a pragmatic view as well as from a big picture view.

You likely know that I take 12 weeks off (half of June, and all of July and August) as vacation to spend it with my family at the lake where I spent my summers growing up.

When I first decided that I wanted to be off for the entire summer, I had to figure out how to make that work and still run and grow my business.

So in the beginning, it was a very slightly working vacation, maybe 10% of thetime… And the first time I did this, I did certain things to prepare for it:

1. I decided on what main projects I was going to focus on, two in total.

2. I decided what my VA would focus on, all the admin details that I didn’t want to be troubled with, but that I had had a hard time of letting go of beforehand.

3. I went through all my files and only brought those with me that I had to have to work on those 2 main projects. (As a back-up, I used a remote access program in case I had to get something on my desktop).

4. I clean up my laptop and rigged it for wireless.

5. I let my clients and customers know (more than once) that I was on vacation, that I would respond to emails but that it might take a little longer than usual, but that I was also living this model.

So those were basically the things I did to get ready.

What happened?

Much to my surprise, because I think I was so busy-busy all the time that I wasn’t moving forward very quickly with anything and spent a lot of time putting out fires, I was actually MORE productive – and MORE profitable – during those summer weeks than I had been the previous 6 months working from my home office.

So what was different?

1. I chose two main projects to focus on that only I could do (writing my book and the Café (my membership program)) and either let the rest go (absolutely nothing negative happened as a result) or delegated it.

So I was really focused on my ‘genius’ work, which is what will always bring your more money sooner than focusing on fixing your website or other admin tasks you should be doing.

The next summer, my one main project was putting all the content pieces in place for my first workshop. I chose just one project because of its size.

2. I had scheduled work time. This was a biggee for me. At home, I worked when the kids slept (naptime or nighttime) and then all kinds of in-between time when they were playing by themselves or when Daddy was watching them.

During those early summers, I only worked a total of about 2 hours a day, between pre-wake-up time and post-bedtime, 3-4 days a week. I get up at 5:30am and work for an hour or so before the kids get up, but that’s also my time to sit on the dock,watch the loons and write in my journal, and drink my coffee while it’s still hot.

When I worked it was only on those one or two projects, and answering emails that were a priority, like those from Platinum clients. Anything else I did was a bonus. I wasn’t stressed at all, and when I was with kids, I was completely focused on them, not on the business.

Since then, I restructured my business so that I don’t offer anything ‘live’ with me while I’m off for the summer, my coaching and training programs end around Memorial Day weekend, and the only work I do over the summer is write the personal note in my ezine each week. Everything else is done and queued up before Memorial Day or is delegated to my team to take care of.

There’s a bit more to it than this, of course, but if you’re seeking to take more time off, whatever time of year it is and for whatever reason, this should get you thinking how you can do it too.

Top 10 Reasons You Must Have A Signature System

Did you know there’s a super-simple way to leverage your gifts, talent and know-how into lucrative, highly leveraged income streams?

It’s your Signature System, and it’s your step-by-step formula for multiple streams success.

So, what exactly is a Signature System? It’s the work you’re ALREADY doing with clients, packaged into a highly marketable, step-by-step system they’ll want to buy.

If you’re thinking you can’t create a system because every client is different, think again. EVERY service can be transformed into a simple, repeatable system clients will happily say YES to – yes, even yours!

Once I figured this out and added my Signature System into my offerings in multiple ways, I knew I’d found the right strategy that was going to help me create the kind of income I desired.

Specifically, here are the top 10 reasons why having a Signature System is a MUST to quickly transition out of 1-on-1 work fast…

1. Your clients LOVE systems.

They’re so overloaded, they can’t even stop to think. Your system tells them “I’ve done the work so you don’t have to.”

2. Your clients can practically predict their success.

When they see the results others have achieved, clients feel very reassured… and start to picture the results for themselves.

3. Your Signature System sets you apart.

It’s as unique as your signature, after all – nobody else has it!

4. Instant credibility.

Without a system, your services can appear all over the place. A system instantly elevates you to expert status.

5. Quicker, easier sales.

Your clients “get” what you offer much quicker and are ready to buy much sooner.

6. Your clients get better results…

…when they follow given steps in a given order, instead of blundering around trying to find their way.

7. Your clients get results faster…

… because they’re not wasting time on needless “stuff.”

8. Your clients come back again and again…

…because they’ve had such success with you the first time!

9. You’ll help more people…

…because your Signature System (or key elements of it) can be “bottled and sold” at different investment and commitment points.

10. And best of all, you’ll see just how easy it is to create 3, 4 or even more lucrative income streams…

…that will deliver a steady and predictable flow of cash into your business. And you know what that means? Peace of mind. Priceless!

Did you know the foundation of the first 6-figures in my business is all built on my original Signature System?

Creating your own Signature System is always one of the most popular sessions at my annual live event, so if you want to create your first or next signature system, this is your opportunity to do so.

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Working too hard for too little return?

Seriously, where the heck is the sun?
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I get it now…

It’s a rainy day and a good morning for a bit of reflection over my cup of tea…

I haven’t been in touch much over the last few weeks, as my attention was needed on a pressing family matter. My Dad had some difficult medical issues arise, and I’m glad to say he’s recovering at home now.

I’ve been here before – whether it was my Dad’s health, Chloe’s horrid experience at a new school a few years ago, Jack’s challenges with a huge unexpected shift in his life that same year, or more recently, my own health issues.

The reality is that Life Interrupts.

When that happens, the reality can also mean a business that tanks for many entrepreneurs.
So not only do you have the stress of the situation that’s required your total focus, time, and energy, but you also have the additional stress of worrying about losing business and money – or worse.

If this has happened to you – or is happening now – then I’m glad you’re reading this.

Because this is what I know for sure:

~ You can have a business that honors what’s most important to you, whether that’s family, another career, writing your book, travel, or something else entirely.

~ You can have a business that funds your desired lifestyle, meaning you truly do work less but make more.

~ And you can have a business that’s easy to operate, low stress, and even fun – and it can all happen in less than part-time hours.

I know because I’ve been doing it successfully for over 15 years and I’ve taught thousands of others just like you to do it too.

But I really get now how very much showing other entrepreneurs THIS WAY is part of my purpose.

I’d be honored to show you too.

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1. honors what’s most important to you.
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3. operates in less than part-time hours.

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