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All 4 spots sold out within 48 hours!

I now have room on my calendar to make 2 more retreats available.
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If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed or just ready to make a change in your business but you’re unsure how to do so, or you’re ready to stop trying to figure everything out on your own, and you want expert help in creating your next steps and a plan of action, then a Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat was designed for you.

Within a few hours, we will break through your stuck places, lift the overwhelm from your shoulders, and make the right decisions to move your business forward from a place that feels light and even fun!

Potential Topics of Focus for Your Retreat:

This private mentoring retreat is your opportunity to:

~ Get crystal clear on the value you offer and what the results really mean for your clients (this alone can literally transform your income overnight)

~ Honor your time as your most precious resource (because time = freedom)

~ Leverage your time, talent and gifts into multiple streams of income that keep the money flowing in, month after month after month

~ Clarify the sweet spot of your message and market so you can reach the right clients much more easily and effectively

~ Review your current website and Planned Profit Path™ to fill in any gaps that may be losing you money

~ Create a realistic plan to move from working 1:1 with clients to lucrative and leveraged packages and programs

~ Plan your next launch from start to finish, so you can enjoy a far better result for your effort

~ Create your Big Picture Planning Calendar for an entire year so you can make strategic decisions going forward, and use all of your resources much more wisely

~ Install systems and processes in your business to automate as much as possible

~ Strategize within the ebb and flow of business and life so that what’s most important is always the focus

~ How to give yourself permission to do things your way, in your time, on your terms, and have the utmost confidence and knowing that it will work

And during our time together, you’ll receive coaching as needed on the personal side of business, wherever I sense you may need additional support.


The right business model designed around your desired lifestyle is what will give you what you most want – a business you love designed to support and fun a life you love.

How My Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat Works:

*Available spots are opened to Lively Biz Business Club and Mastery Members first

Step 1: Reserve a Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat with your payment below.

Step 2: Fill out the questionnaire that will come by email immediately after purchasing.

Step 3: Schedule your 3-hour Virtual Retreat via email with my assistant.

Step 5: Call in to my private phone line and we get to work. (You are welcome to record your BBVR using your recording service.)

That’s it. Simple, just the way I like it.

Need a bit more detail?

My 3-hour Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat is custom-designed for each client.

Retreats are available on a very limited basis and are scheduled Tuesdays-Thursday, between the hours of 10am – 2pm Eastern, though there is some flexibility.

Once your retreat is scheduled, I’ll review your questionnaire and spend some time looking at your various online platforms, including your website and social media accounts, and start percolating ideas and where we can add, delete, tweak and streamline. I’ll get an overall sense of your message and market and be able to give you insights on where you may need to shift to more easily and quickly achieve the results you desire.

During your retreat, we’ll cover everything you’ve shared in your questionnaire plus anything else I think it important to getting you from where you are to where you want to be with your business. I’ll ask that you come fully prepared and able to focus. In return, you’ll get my 18+ years of business experience and my intuition, and you’ll leave with a plan of action designed to fit YOU.

Of course, in order to enjoy results, you’ll need to integrate and implement that plan. 🙂

4 spots sold out!

2 NEW Spots Available

All 4 initial spots sold out within 48 hours!

I now have room on my calendar for 2 more retreats for either February or April.
If one of them yours?


Private coaching program rates range from $10k to $24k

Secure your private Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat 
for $1200-

and get the 2019 price of just $500

Only Available until January 20, 2020

Email to be put on the waitlist to be notified first when spots open.

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“Hi there, Alicia!

I have just been on fire since yesterday’s intensive. I wanted to share with you the Master Plan (or as my sister calls it, “The Monster Plan” lol) I feel AWESOME about this. It honours the abundance that is in my heart and the simplicity that gives ground.

I am delighted, excited, inspired and motivated! All of this has been percolating for over a year but somehow, shnick, it all fell into place. Thank YOU!”

Jamie Ridler

“I can’t say enough about getting the chance to work with Alicia. After attending her OBBW Workshop I signed up on the spot to work with her privately. To kick off our work together I attended a full day private retreat where together we mapped out a plan for my business, my launches, my marketing and how to generate the income I was looking to achieve. Not only did I leave the retreat with exactly what I was looking for but much more.

Alicia gives you everything and doesn’t hold back. I’m so fortunate to have her as both a mentor and friend and I can’t recommend her highly enough. It will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make.”

Jeannie Spiro

“From one who has taken two virtual VIP days with you leading the way, I can attest to the efficiency, convenience and ease on the client’s part of participating in a VIP day! And, aside from that, the information is life-transforming. It’s a win-win all the way! I’m looking forward to putting these in place for my own clients! Thanks, Alicia! Wonderful stuff, as always!”

Rev. Anne Presuel

“Alicia shifted my thinking profoundly. Because of her coaching, examples, ideas and encouragement, I now have several plans in the works for how I can generate serious money in my business.

Before, I had sort of a hazy idea about how to go about it–and I wasn’t so confident. Now I am so excited because I feel I have the steps to implement the strategies to make major pay days a reality.

After two years of coaching privately with Alicia, I went from zero income to 6-figures, created the brand I’m now known for, held my first live event, and so much more. The bottom line is that Alicia changed my life.”

Christine Gallagher

“The two days I spent in person with Alicia were probably the best two days I’ve ever spent working on my business.  Alicia had me thinking bigger than I ever had before and guided me through creating a plan for my business for the year.  I’m very excited about the possibilities for this year and I know with her support, I’m going to accomplish great things!”

Sandy Rees, CFRE

“Being able to spend the whole day with both of us focusing on my business, brainstorming and mapping out a personalized business plan in my retreat was so incredibly helpful. Right off the bat, we came up with this really simple list-building strategy that allowed me to go from zero to 225 people on the new list in just 2-3 weeks.

Alicia’s very generous in sharing what she has, and it seems like no matter how much I might already know about a specific topic, she always has another idea, or tool, or resource to offer.

What I value most about Alicia is her honesty and her optimism. Those are the qualities that allow a coach to be the most supportive and effective in moving clients forward. And that’s what Alicia does for her clients.”

Helen Graves

“I’ve attended retreats, both virtual and in-person, with some of the best business coaches out there. And I can honestly say – my time with Alicia was time well-spent and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

She was so well-prepared for our in-person retreat, having every aspect of my business mapped out before I had arrived – which allowed us to jump right in! Her business coaching and intuitive guidance was spot-on, and her powerful questions led to many breakthrough moments. And to top it off, her detailed retreat follow-up totally blew me away! She captured every thought, every idea, and every thread of discussion – and gave me even more juicy nuggets to ponder. I have never felt so taken care of in my business!”

Tina Games

4 spots sold out!

2 Spots Available

All 4 initial spots sold out within 48 hours!

I now have room on my calendar to make 2 more retreats available.
If one of them yours?


Private coaching program rates range from $10k to $24k

Secure your private Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat 
for just $1200-

and get the 2019 price of just $500

Only until January 20, 2020

Email to be put on the waitlist to be notified first when spots open.

Book Your Private Business Breakthrough Virtual Retreat Now


Alicia Forest MBA ~ Intuitive Business Strategist + Lifestyle Designer

Alicia is a freedom-loving lake girl and intuitive business strategist who guides and supports entrepreneurs to design a life they love that’s supported by a business they love using her proven practical strategies and tools to create a livelihood that’s priority-based, profitable, and part-time.

As founder of the Mastery of Business Academy, she’s been the guiding force behind some of the best-known and successful online businesses in the coaching arena, as well in the industries of education, health and wellness, and new age, and has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to create a business that’s fun and funds a life they love.

Alicia’s expertise has been featured on, Escape from Cubicle Nation, T. Harv Ekers’ SuccessTracs, Holistic Business Journal and countless digital media outlets. She’s also the author of 6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures for the Solo Service Professional: How to Create Your Lifestyle Business Based on Your Passion for Serving Others, available at major booksellers.

When she’s not helping entrepreneurs create ease and flow in their business, you can find her enjoying life by playing with her husband James and kids, Chloe and Jack, stretching her woo-woo wings, reading the Outlander series, writing in some form, or if it’s summer – at the lake.

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