How to LEAP Forward in Your Business (and Personal) Growth

For the first year in my business, I tried to do it all alone. Then I joined a group here and there, mostly free forums and free classes. And they helped some. But the real momentum and shifting came when I joined a paid mastermind group.

It was $5400- and at the time, I couldn’t afford it. And yet, I couldn’t afford not to get the expert help and the group support I so desperately needed so I wouldn’t have to resort to getting a J-O-B.

The first year in that mastermind took my business from $15k to $43k. Ok, so not to a million bucks or even 6 figures, but I was pretty darn happy with tripling my income, considering I was still only working about an HOUR a day on my business, as I tended to my young family.

The second mastermind I joined had some private coaching peppered in, and that year my income doubled, getting me to just shy of that $100k mark, while still only working about 15 hours a week.

Then I took the big leap into a high-level private program, and that pulled me into the 6-figure+ mark, with a net of $127k cash in the bank. And I still only worked less than part-time AND took the entire summer off (again).

I’ve been leading my own highly successful Coaching & Training Programs since 2010, and I thought it would be helpful to share why this format is so incredibly powerful.

I’ve noted three things that seem to help the members make the BIG shifts they’re seeking:

  1. Focus

In our intimate mastermind, you get to focus on monetizing what you already have or are about to create. You get to focus on where you’re headed, instead of staying stuck in where you are. You get to focus on getting crystal-clear on who you’re serving and how you love to serve them, within a structure that honors your highest values.

  1. Implementation

You get the support you need to implement everything you already know (and especially the things you don’t) to get money in the door sooner than later, all while honoring your values and lifestyle. And when you invest in yourself at a high level, it spurs you into taking the big leaps so you get the most out of your investment (that certainly happened for me!).

  1. Sacred Support

You get the kind of support from the other members that may be really hard to find otherwise. Your spouse, best friend, or mom may not ‘get’ what you’re doing but your mastermind members do – and they are available to you in a moment to help you push past your fear, give you that next piece of information you need to take that next step, listen to you vent, offer advice and suggestions on how to move past any challenge, and giving you loving support whenever you need it.

So here’s what I know:

When you’re going it alone, it can be much more difficult to focus, to implement and to get the kind of sacred support we all need to bring our messages out into the world in a much bigger way.

In the beginning, I resisted this – I thought I liked being a lone-ranger. But once I open up to the possibility of allowing a group of lovely like-minded people to support me (and vice versa) everything changed in my business – and my life – for the better.

Find out how you can enjoy this level of support, no matter where you are on your business-building path here.


Detox Your Inbox

It’s Friday – a day I don’t schedule anything so I can review my week, tie up loose ends, make a plan for the next, and clean up the clutter that accumulates in my office (I’m a piler, like my Grandma Rose ;-)).

Today is a little different as I’m ‘off’ today and Monday because the kids are off from school for a long weekend so we’re going to have some Forest Family Fun together. 🙂

While they enjoy their allotted screen time for the day, I’m doing some online decluttering…

That means a detox of my inbox.

I have 251 emails in my inbox right now.

(I know some of you have WAY more than that, so I’d like you to pay close attention here)

This is my detox method – I’ll do it as I write this…

1. Delete – down to 193
2. Move – down to 34 (obviously I need to file as I go more! :-))
3. Delegate down to 30
4. Respond – so that leaves 30 emails in my inbox that only I can answer… just knocked off 4 of those, so I’m now at 26

Ahhhh, that’s better… 🙂

So here’s my breakdown, in case it’s helpful:

1. Delete
~ I sort the emails into/ “from” which makes it a lot easier to delete/move in groups if applicable.

2. Move
~ Next I move any emails that need to be filed. For example, if there’s an email from a colleague that doesn’t require a response but I want to keep it, I file it in the “colleagues” file.

3. Delegate
~ I then delegate whatever emails need to be responded to by someone else. For example, I have a podcast interview coming up and the host needs my bio, headshot, etc., so I’ll send that email to my assistant to take care of.

4. Respond
~ What’s left are emails that only I can take action on. I start at the bottom and work my way up. For some reason, this just feels better and seems easier (because I’m releasing them, so the energy is running backwards, possibly).

So in the time it took me to write this email, I’ve detoxed my inbox from 251 to 26. 🙂

You can do it too – and I’d love to hear your results… 🙂

Hitting the Refresh Button in Your Business

Is your business starting to feel stagnant?

Or is it at a standstill completely?

Are you just not as enthused about it as you used to be?

Or does it feel just OFF and you’re not quite sure why?

There are many reasons this could be happening to you (especially with how much has changed in online business recently) but some of the more simple things to look at are if your current look and feel, messaging, and model are aligned with who you are and the work you most want to do as well who you want to do it with and for.

Often times, a simple ‘refresh’ of what we’re doing, that’s more closely aligned with who we are today and the work that makes us light up inside, and being of service to just the right people, can move the energy and rekindle your enthusiasm.

Here are 3 simple ways you can hit the refresh button in your business today:

1. Look and Feel

When you look at your website, what does it feel like to you? Does it make you smile? Does it give off the energy you want it to? Does it work the way you want it to? Do you love it?

When you look at your marketing materials, ask yourself the same questions. If you’re not feeling it with your stuff, chances are that your target market isn’t either.

As you grow personally and as your business grows, your look and feel should change to reflect more accurately your current state of being.

Where in your business can you refresh the look and feel to more accurately reflect where you are in your business today?

2. Message

Think about the main message you deliver to your market. Is that message still accurate? Has it changed over the last year? Does it feel like it needs to change to more accurately reflect who you serve and how you serve them?

As you become more clear about what it is that you do and to whom you do it for and with, you’ll want to adjust your message accordingly.

For example, my message for many years was about mentoring women entrepreneurs to break through to 6 figures and beyond so they can live the life they ache for. And while that is still true, it became clearer to me what really matters is not the 6 figures necessarily, but what really matters to them personally – and that’s reflected in my new brand, Lively Biz.

A Lively Biz is playful, purposeful and profitable. It inspires you to live your life first. It allows you to enjoy this crazy entrepreneurial journey without making you crazy. And it enables you to make a lot more money.

3. Model

Take a mini-audit of your offerings. What parts of the work that you do do you love to delivery and in what way? What parts could you let go of and feel really great about?

For example, after two years of year-long coaching programs, I reduced them to 8-month programs. When I restarted a monthly membership, I changed from live teleclasses to pre-recorded ones. I now offer virtual retreats in addition to in-person retreats. All of these changes better suit my chosen lifestyle and resonate with my best clients as well.

What changes can you make in your business model to better serve you?

Designing a business you love that funds a life you love is one of the pillars on which I stand and teach.

Join us for my upcoming free 7-Day Challenge for to learn how to do this for YOUR business (and life) too here.


Snow days/delays are no longer delays in my business…

Another 2-hour delay… and thinking tomorrow will be a full snow day.
When the kids were younger, and they were home from school unexpectedly, it used to be a lot harder for me to get anything accomplished in my business.
But now that are older (and able to entertain themselves), it’s definitely easier – but these are the days when I can’t do the things that really need my undivided attention and focus (like writing a sales page, for example).
So a long time ago, I started to keep a sort of master task list. It’s where I write down everything I want/need to do as soon as I think of it.
So while I can tell you off the top of my head what I need to do today to move my business forward, on days where my focus is split, I turn back to the master list and choose things that don’t need that level of focus: the small tasks, the tolerations, the quick emails, the quick fixes.
Doing this ended my frustration of not being able to get ‘anything’ done when my day shifted out of my full control.
If you have other things vying for your attention, what do you do to still get some things done when Life Interrupts?

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