Where Are You Missing Leverage in Your Business? (Part 2)

I’m always looking for ways to tweak (read: leverage) what’s already working in my business to improve my results so I can grow my business more quickly without more effort.

Where in your business could you do the same? Take this mini-assessment to find out.

__ 1. Do you utilize multiple channels to reach your audience?

The more ways you can reach and connect with your audience, the easy it will be to grow your business.

Gone are the days when sending an email invitation will fill your program or sell your product. In today’s ‘attention’ economy, we need to connect with our market in multiple ways, with a focus on deepening that relationship each time.

What channels are you using today to reach your audience, and what channels can you add to that list?

__ 2. Are you re-purposing your content?

There is one question I ask myself before I create a new piece of content and that is:

Can I use this piece of content in a minimum of 3 ways?

If the answer is yes, then I move forward with it. If no, then I haven’t wasted my time and energy on creating something I cannot leverage.

What’s one piece of existing content you can re-purpose today?

__ 3. Do you labor over writing copy?

If you labor over writing copy, you can either hire someone to write it for you (which can be expensive but oftentimes well worth the investment) or you can implement a process to make it a lot easier for you.

First, start with a proven template. You’re going to make it your own – with your own voice and style and tone and story – but always start with a proven sales template.

Then take copy from that to create all your other marketing copy, like your email campaigns and social media promotions.

What parts and pieces of your current copy can you excerpt for other marketing activities?

__ 4. Do you collaborate?

If you want to grow your business more quickly, consider collaborating with other like-minded colleagues who complement what it is you do. Also don’t forget those clients and customers who are your raving fans – they can help you get in front of more people like them!

Who could you collaborate with on your next offer?

__ 5. Do you have a core product that anyone could take advantage of?

I mentioned this in Part 1, but it bears repeating. Do you have a DIY product that everyone in your market could take advantage of?

If not, what simple product could you create that your client could walk themselves through so they get to experience your work in way that doesn’t require a significant investment?

These are just 5 areas to be looking at where you could up the ante on what you already have in place in your business – or what you should have in place to create the success you desire. Spend some time figuring out for yourself where you can apply the above to start seeing better results for less effort.

If you want my help in this, join us for the Online Business Breakthrough Workshop – I’ve figured it out so you don’t have to 😉


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